Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Christina Lauren- Beautiful Bombshell (Beautiful series #2.5)

I apparently have a "thing" for Beautiful books here recently... (did you see the trend) lol. This book felt short to me, but probably because I loved it and didn't want it to be over! I enjoyed how this one was written back and forth from Bennett's POV to Max's.  Oh the hilarity of the things Bennett and Max do to/for their women.  It was a fun book to read and a bit unexpected as to how things played out.  And in typical Christina Lauren fashion, it's hot, sexy and sweet too!  Bennett and Chloe slayed me.... the reasons why are exactly why they should hurry up and get married already! <3

Beautiful Bombshell here

New Releases today!

So many books, so little time! I'm not sure when I'm going to get through these new releases!!  I also have library books that are due back soon, but these 4 books are ones I'm super excited about and will be reviewing sooner rather than later. Just wanted to let you know about them so you can check them out as well.  Plus, if they're new to you, then you can catch up on the earlier books in the series- note the 2 books with the * indicates part of series. I'm thinking of you, the reader, really! 

*Jennifer ProbstSearching For Always 

*Laura KayeHard To Let Go 

Laurelin McGeeMiss Match

Lauren BlakelySweet Sinful Nights  (psst, price goes up later today so grab your copy now!)

And CD Reiss had a new book come out yesterday so I'm including her here too for your reading pleasure
Spin Ruin

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Have you figured it out yet?  I love getting various boxes delivered to me.... today the subscription window opened on The Bookworm Box!  I'm so excited :)  Yes, I already have a ton of TBR books on my list, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity for this box.  Check it out here  Very cool idea and I'm happy to support it.  According to the site, I'll be getting my first box next month.  I know I'll love it and of course I'll report back on it.  

Be sure to follow them on Facebook as well to get up to date info on their boxes here. I'll just be here anxiously awaiting my box ;)

Katana Collins- Meeting You

Super sweet book that's the prequel to Capturing You. I read this book after Capturing You, (so I did it backwards!) but it's a good introduction to the Tripp family and a quick read at 57 pages. I loved reading about Lydia and Cam's initial meeting from his perspective. It was good to see the dynamics of the family and learn who is who.  The reader is also given insight to an issue that happened in the beginning of Capturing You.

I would recommend this before reading Capturing You, but it's not necessary. I just enjoyed Katana's writing and story that I wanted to read more of the Tripp family. Can't wait for more from Maple Grove! 

Meeting You is currently free on Amazon

Kendall Ryan- Filthy Beautiful Lust

Ooh, this one is about Pace, Colton's brother.  Can't wait to see how the playboy's world completely changes when he falls in love (because we know he will)! 

Pace is the ultimate billionaire playboy. He doesn't have relationships and is content with his flings. That is, until Kylie and Max come along! This story was fun to watch unravel as both Pace and Kylie tried to figure out what it is they wanted and how to go about letting go to be able to enjoy a relationship.  I loved how Pace was with both Kylie and Max. He fit right in and made it an enjoyable reading experience! I didn't want to put the book down.

Filthy Beautiful Lust here

Friday, June 26, 2015


Did you see the mention of my Julep Maven box a few posts ago? Well, my welcome kit finally came! I love makeup and beauty things!  This is right up my alley! Bring on the nail polish!

I love everything about it! 2 lip crayons: 1 nude and 1 is a pretty pink. 2 of the polish colors (silver and orange/red) were included but I opted to pay an additional amount for that pretty blueish color! This polish goes on so well. I love it. It lasts too! I also received a discount code for my next order on their website.  And my June reveal has happened and I was able to tweak my 1st official reveal box so I know what items will be included with that. I'm getting a shower oil, a cuticle softener and remover and a pretty polish color.  All useful items :)   And next month I can decide to skip a month, send my box to a friend or pick out my next selection. LOL.  I like options!  I like this box.  I like knowing if people like the various boxes out there.  

Join the Maven fun here

My new fav lip crayon:

I enjoyed my Glossybox(es) but know I wouldn't want them all the time. I wish they had a skip option.  But I did find an amazing mascara (Too Faced Better Than Sex) thanks to Glossybox!  My eyelashes are heavy and won't curl. (I've even had a perm put on them and even still they wouldn't curl very much!) I don't bother with an eyelash curler but this mascara makes my lashes pop more than any of the ones I've tried. So the Glossybox was a great way to try out products!!  

Mascara can be purchased here

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sydney Landon- Always Loving You

I'm excited to read this story!! It's Ava's turn for a HEA, at least I hope that's how it turns out. Ava has loved Mac for years and him her. Her brothers know this, but if Ava knows Mac loves her she hasn't acted on it. Let's see how this story goes, shall we?

Mac and Ava were sweet and as in typical Sydney Landon fashion, I found myself laughing out loud at the hilarity of Ava's determination to get Mac.  Oh, the things that girl did.  Cute and entertaining both for the reader and Mac.  They have a long history together and their story is sweet.  Enjoyable book. 

Always Loving You here

Katana Collins- Capturing You

So I received a copy of the book from the author, thanks to an opportunity I received through a friend.  #booknerdrighthere I just love discovering new, great authors! I do have other books I've started to read, but when I received this book, I was curious. (I've never read anything from Katana before now, but you better believe I will be changing that after this book.) My plan was to read a chapter to see what her writing was like. Haha- joke's on me! I was enthralled with this story immediately and totally forgot about my other books. Devistating news, plus a sexy stranger.... My interest was definitely piqued! Several hours later, here we are. I'm looking forward to more from Katana and more from this series. Up next in this series is, Healing You. I will have read them backwards but there's also a free ebook available that's the prequel to this book (and I will be reading it). It's called Meeting You: A Day with the Tripps. (Which you can find right here)  My review is below.  Thanks Kat :)

I received a copy for my honest review and oh my goodness! This book!! This was the first book I've read from Katana Collins and it won't be my last. I couldn't put this book down. 

I loved everything about this book. From the small town to all the characters. There was one I was afraid I was going to hate but they turned out to be alright after all! Maddie is precious and her dad is swoon worthy. Lydia has had a rough seven months and her time in Maple Grove is just what she needs. The whole Tripp family is great and they're people I want to be friends with! The feels in this book are so real and their situation is one you could see happening, even when you're shouting at the book! Ok, so I may have gotten emotional over it. But I digress, if you love sweet, sexy, HEAs, then don't let this book pass you by. One click it already!! 

Capturing You here

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Karina Halle- The Pact

Ooh, I love Karina Halle's books.  I was excited about diving into this one.  

As with other Karina Halle books I've read this book had me enraptured. I love the back and forth between Stephanie and Linden's point of view. There are many emotional ups and downs in this story but even the bad ones are so good!! I didn't want to put this book down. I anxiously awaited their 30th birthdays. The reader is easily pulled into their lives and is invested in their friendship, the awful romantic relationships they have and the relationship between Stephanie, Linden and James. And the feels in this book.... Be still my heart. Another GREAT book from Karina Halle. Looking forward to reading The Offer!

The Pact here

I just love the look of this cover! 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Kendall Ryan- Filthy Beautiful Love

This is the conclusion to Filthy Beautiful Lies. It picks up right where the last book left off. The feels in this book.... Oh man! There are strong emotions throughout this book and some are devastatingly sad. But the love between Colton and Sophie is strong. Neither of them expected it to exist between them but they can't deny it. This book is so much sweeter than the first. And it is indeed beautiful! Kendall is a great storyteller and she pulls the reader deep into Sophie and Colt's lives. 

Filthy Beautiful Love here

Sunday, June 21, 2015

M.S. Parking & Cassie Wild- Serving Him Vol 6

This is the final installment to the series.  And well worth the wait! It was a great conclusion. Dominic and Aleena haven't had an easy relationship mainly due to outside sources but they learn to love and help one another when things are bad. Dominic finally stood up for Aleena and I'm not gonna lie, it was awesome! And poor Dominic. He learned some incredible news from his PI that was truly life changing. Aleena helped guide him through that revelation and this ending was exactly how it should have been. I'm glad we're not done with them yet. Another book is coming; Craving Him. Looking forward to it! 

Serving Him Vol 6 here

Christina Lauren- Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful series #2)

Whew! Sara and Max. Smoking hot!! Sara moved to NYC for work and to get away from her horrible ex. She didn't know she was going to meet a beautiful stranger.  Poor Sara had a rough go of it and she didn't want to find love again or put her heart out there to be crushed. She wanted a one night stand and he turns out to be so much more.  They were fun to get to know and to watch how they just happened. Great story!!

Beautiful Stranger here

Christina Lauren- Beautiful Bitch (Beautiful series #1.5)

I enjoy how this series goes back and forth from Bennett's POV to Chloe's POV every chapter. It's fun getting the guy's perspective throughout the story! I love the banter back and forth between them but the love is tangible. The ending is perfect, for this short story. However, I'm not done with the Beautiful series thankfully!

Beautiful Bitch here

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rachel Higginson- The Fives Stages of Falling In Love

This book was captivating from the very beginning.  We meet Liz and her husband Grady as Grady is getting sicker and dying.  Their love was palpable and so so sweet.  Then, Liz is left raising their 4 children and grieving over the loss of her husband.  Whoa, emotions;  get ready!  This story is tough, sad, and oh so sweet!  I love the way Rachel pulls the reader in as if we're along for the ride with the characters. And Ben Tyler. He is an amazing man. And the patience he has with Liz. Sooooo endearing and sweet. This book gutted me. It's amazing. You need to read it too!

One of the best quotes from this book, "Sometimes love didn't make sense. And that was okay. It was far better to know love and accept love than try to understand it." 

The Five Stages of Falling In Love here

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kendall Ryan- Filthy Beautiful Lies

WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED!?  Sophie and Colton. Wow, just wow. So the premise of this book sounded really interesting. I was hooked from the beginning and I wanted to know more about the characters. Sophie is so much more than a virgin selling herself for her sister's sake. She's a strong female and isn't one to be coddled. She's finding herself. And Colton... Man, he's sexy. But he's a softie and I love his layers as they're peeled back. And the feels in this book. Soooooo sweet! But then the end *yikes* On to book 2 to see what happens next.... Cliff. Hanger.  Go read it!

Filthy Beautiful Lies here

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Something a little different!

I realize, I'm mostly talking about books here, but considering I count reading as "me" time, I thought I'd share a link with the new subscription box I've started! This is a "me" time kind of box. I'm looking forward to getting this one.  

Julep maven box

I'm a nail polish junkie! I only collect the good polishes (OPI, Essie, etc) and I love to mix and match my colors to create various french manicure looks.  I'm silly like that!  Anyway, I just discovered this fun box and I can't wait until it comes in.  It apparently has 2 polishes and a couple other items as well.  I received a couple of Glossyboxes recently but decided not to continue that subscription at this time even though I enjoyed the boxes I got.  What I liked most about Julep, is that you can skip a month! If I could have skipped a month (or several) I would have kept Glossybox. I'll probably go back and buy it again but I don't need stacks of products! I need time to get through them.  Now I just need to find book subscriptions! :)   

CD Reiss- Shuttergirl

I love reading books from new authors and I've been seeing CD Reiss' name from various authors I follow, so when I saw this book, it sounded interesting and I purchased it.  So glad I did and I can't wait to read her books, Beg Tease Submit (purchased the bundle) as they'll be upcoming on my forever long TBR list.  Not enough hours in the day to get through them! So many books... so little time. 

I was hooked from the beginning paragraph of this book! I immediately wanted to know more about Laine and her life as a paparazza. It was something different, a story unlike most that pulled me into the life of Hollywood and the life of the not so famous.  It's a sweet, sad, touching story and one that holds you in it's grip until the very end.  Now, after reading this book I have a new appreciation for the HOLLYWOOD sign.  *sigh*  Laine's world is so different from Michael's but their journey was inevitable.  
The cast of characters were interesting and intriguing.  I felt like I was snooping into the actors' lives. It was fun reading about them from the paparazzi perspective but also as an insider. It felt realistic and was easy to get lost in their world.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it! I'm a new CD Reiss fan!

Shuttergirl here

Monday, June 15, 2015

Nicola Marsh- Wanton Heat (Feel the Heat #2)

This book is a fast, easy read. The story follows Allegra's BFF, Zoe, on her journey to prove herself to AW Advertising (and Allegra).  She finds herself presenting her business plan to a (hot) prince. Their initial meeting was unexpected for both of them and even though it was fast paced, it worked for them! A scheming grandmother never hurts anything either! Cute story.

Wanton Heat here

Elizabeth Lynx- Rules of Payne

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and I thought it sounded interesting.  It never hooked me. I struggled to read this book.  I hate making myself read a book, not only does it take forever, but I dread picking it up.   Anyway, I committed to it because of the ARC and I wanted to like it, but the writing style just didn't do anything for me. It felt disjointed and I couldn't get on board with the characters.  This book just wasn't for me. 

Rules of Payne here

Sydney Landon- Mended

This was the final book in the Lucian & Lia installment. It's been about 4 months and a gazillion books ago that I read the previous book.  Maybe I should have reread the other 2 in the series, but I didn't.  It didn't grab my like her other books have and that made me sad. 

I enjoyed this book, but maybe not so much as I did the other 2. I don't know if it's because it's been so long since I had read Lia and Lucian's story but I've read other Sydney Landon books recently and this one wasn't what I had expected. It wasn't bad, just not a favorite. I did enjoy the ending of this series. It's sweet, romantic and a bit sad because of things that happened in this story. It was an enjoyable read. I couldn't believe some of the crazy things that happened in this story! Whew. What a roller coaster. 

Mended here

Since it's been awhile that I've read the other 2 books, here are my Goodreads reviews on those books. 

Pierced: Book 1
Fractured: Book 2

The series

Lauren Dane- Back To You

I love Lauren Dane and I love her Hurley boys!! This book was seriously perfection.  I've been looking forward to Vaughan and Kelly's book for awhile. It was AMAZING! I don't think a better book could have been written.  

I loved everything about this book. I devoured it but didn't want it to be over. Lauren Dane's books are fantastic reads that pull you into the characters' world. She writes in a way that makes the reader feel like a part of them.  It was well written, realistic, sweet, romantic and everything great about Lauren Dane's books. And I'm so sad that it's over. Don't miss this book or this series! 

Back To You here

Hurley Boys book 1 The Best Kind of Trouble

Kait Jagger- Lord and Master

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review. This was a new author to me and so I was excited to read it, plus the summary sounded interesting! I wasn't sure what to expect when I started reading but it definitely kept my attention and it was more than just the relationship between Luna and Stefan. 

It was interesting (I highly enjoy British literature) learning about Luna's role as a PA to the Marchioness of Lionsbridge and all the things she was required to do, not to mention the grounds and life at Arborage. Fascinating. Mix in a romance and it was an enjoyable read. Parts felt long and drawn out but it was an entertaining book and I definitely didn't see the ending coming. And after all that, I learned there are 2 more books; it's a trilogy. And I'm blown away by the ending. I can't believe I read all that to have it end the way it did. Now, I'm involved with the characters so I need to find out what's next.  I'm hooked now so I will be reading the other books in the series. 

Lord and Master here

Friday, June 12, 2015

K. Bromberg- Sweet Ache

Somehow I missed commenting on this book.  LORD HAVE MERCY!  This book.... just wow! Rocker trumps racer, indeed! We first met Quinlan in the Driven series (here), as Colton Donavan is her brother.  So because of that, it was great having Colton and Rylee involved in this book as well, albeit a minor roll, which is how it should be.  Quinlan is sassy and is a strong woman.  Hawkin is a sexy rocker that has a lot of baggage but puts on a front for most people.  Quin gives Hawke a run for his money. And it's fun to watch. Kristy's writing style has a way to pull the reader into the characters' world and not let you go until the very last page.  I love that this story wasn't typical and it wasn't all hearts and rainbows. It's real. It's gritty and has all the essential pieces to a great story!

At the time I wrote my Goodreads/Amazon review, I couldn't even really express what I wanted to get across. I was completely overwhelmed.  Here is that review:

Wow! What a beautiful, emotional story. Hawkin and Quinlan were a fun couple to get to know. The banter back and forth was fun, it was sexy, sassy and oh so sweet! I couldn't put this book down and I certainly didn't want it to end.  Bravo K. Bromberg. Another amazing story... Thank you! 

Sweet Ache here

I'm so excited!

I loved the Thoughtless trilogy and I even preordered Thoughful on my kindle so that I would have it but sadly, I haven't gotten to that book yet. However, it's been moved up the list! I won a signed copy at an author's release party for K. Bromberg's Sweet Ache! So thanks to Kristy for A- her awesomely amazing Sweet Ache and B- a fun release party and SC Stephens for having picked me to win. Books are THE BEST thing to win in my book. Haha pun intended ;) Anyway, Thoughful will be read soon but I'm pretty sure that one won't be quick. It's 524 pages. So it'll take me a minute! But I can't wait. And I'm excited to have a real book in my hands.  Even though I love the kindle, I still like a real book too.

In a way, I'm kind of sad about this book. I really don't want it to be over. I can't tell you how much I loved Kellan Kyle! He's definitely top of my BBF list. I'm going to try to read this one as slow as I can.... savor it.   If you haven't read Thoughtless series, you need to! 

Thoughtless book 1  here
Thoughtful  here

M. S. Parker & Cassie Wild- Serving Him Vol 5

Vol 5 released early!! Just one more left and this one was a doozy! It's definitely intense but it was necessary for their relationship. And I still hate Penelope. Ugh! I'm glad Aleena has her friend Molly and towards the end of this book I'm glad Molly does what she did. This story has been drawn out but I can't wait to see what news Dominic learns and see what's next for him and Aleena!  I've really enjoyed getting this book in pieces and slightly sad the next one is the last one.... but I'm ready to see how this ends.

Serving Him Vol 5 here

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Christina Lauren- Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful series #1)

Not sure how I came across this book (maybe a library recommendation) but I'm glad I did.  Makes me wish I worked for a beautiful bastard with a panty fetish! ha. As if I could afford La Perla... ;)    Interesting story, hot and easy to get lost in their world.  It was one of those I didn't want to end. 

So there's lots of hot, sex with the boss sex going on here, but this book is more than that.  It's intriguing, sweet and full of discovery, both with and without clothes! Chloe is a strong woman and has worked hard to get where she is today.  Her boss, Bennett, is an asshole and yet there's something about him that gets under her skin.   Their banter back and forth is funny, sassy, and entertaining. It was fun watching their relationship develop and evolve. Enjoyable book!

Beautiful Bastard here

Monday, June 8, 2015

M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild- Serving Him Vol 4

This wasn't my favorite book in the installment but I enjoyed it. It was needed in order to see where the story is going.  The majority of this book was frustrating and maddening! A lot of this volume is how the wealthy in Dominic's world look down upon anyone beneath their social class.  And, for the record, I hate Penelope! But Dominic and Aleena are trying to figure out how to do a relationship. She doesn't tell him how she feels and he can't read her mind. But as this is a book, we know their journey can't be easy! I can't wait for the next installment.

Serving Him Vol 4 here

Lauren Dane- Opening Up

I've enjoyed Lauren Dane's books for a while, so I was excited to get my hands on this ARC! And holy hotness, this book is scorching! This book is the first in the Ink and Chrome series. 

Asa Barrons is a badass alpha male. Penelope Jean (PJ) Colman is a badass in her own right. She and Asa work in the same industry and sparks fly from their first meeting. PJ is the type of girl who knows what she wants and goes after it and is often misunderstood. She has had a tough family dynamic that makes her into the strong woman she is. Asa likes to be in control. He has worked hard to get where he is in life. And together they are a force to be reckoned with. Their journey is not an easy one, but it wouldn't be so sweet if it was. 

Both characters live and breathe cars and motorcycles.  It was a fun world to get lost in!  Their relationship was hotter than hot, sweet and loving. Reader beware: this book is muy caliente!! Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Great start to the series and I'm looking forward to reading Duke's book next in Falling Under. 

** ARC provided from NetGalley for an honest review**

Preorder Opening Up here

Friday, June 5, 2015

Vicki Pettersson- Swerve

I was excited to read a new thriller from a new to me author.  This definitely lived up to the summary! This was a keep you on the edge of your seat, gasping in shock, awe, disgust what is going to happen thriller. I didn't want to put this book down. Really, the best kind! I highly recommend this book.  Well done, Ms. Pettersson!  

My review:

It's so dark, so vile yet it's like a train wreck and I can't look away. Just when I think the killer can't do something worse, he does. This is one of those books that you don't know what is around the corner, so you're constantly waiting for the worst.  I feel like I can finally catch my breath now that the ride is over. Oh my goodness. What a book!  Not at all what I expected to have happened but it was very well written, intriguing, scary and a crazy thriller! It's dark and twisted but this book will keep you guessing. Even when you think you know what's next, you don't. This story was captivating and I couldn't put it down. 

**ARC received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Pre-order here

Thursday, June 4, 2015

J. Kenner- On My Knees

First off, I have to say, I love anything J. Kenner writes.  I'm an addict! I've loved Damien and Nikki since Release Me, so to say I was excited about this spin off series is a given.  This is book 2.  You can get Say My Name here.  Say My Name had me hooked on sexy architect, Jackson Steele and Damien's assistant, Sylvia Brooks from the word go. This book picked up right where the last book left off.  In fact, since it has been a few months (and a gazillion  books ago) that I read it, I didn't have to go back and re-read because the beginning of this book sums up the last so it was a great refresher. I was immediately back on board. I read this book in 1 sitting.  Could not put it down.  Jackson is swoon worthy.... that man is SOOO  SEXY! Sylvia is one lucky chick.  :)  Anyway, lots of things happening in this book. I loved Jackson and Sylvia's relationship; the ups and the downs and the little surprises.  Both characters are strong by themselves but together they make a dynamic duo!   All that to be said, my review is below. 

What just happened?! *dumbstruck* I don't even know what to think right now. Didn't see that coming.  At ALL. 

Before THAT happened, my thoughts were I loved Jackson and Sylvia. They do fit perfectly together and despite all obstacles coming at them, they had each other. The reader can feel their love for each other coming off the pages; it's palpable. He understands her and she gets him. I'm excited to see what happens between them. Some revelations have been made that are life changing.  I can't wait until Under My Skin is out. I can't even...

**I received an ARC through NetGalley for my honest review.**

You can find On My Knees here

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sydney Landon- No Denying You

Whenever I read one of the books from this series, I find myself laughing out loud and not wanting to put the book down.  I (unfortunately) read through these books quickly because I can't get enough.  This book was no exception.  I do have to be careful where I read because I can be disruptive to others when I laugh out loud!

Super sweet HEA between Brant and Emma. I enjoy how all the Danvers books intertwine characters and the readers know what is going on in all the characters' lives. I liked how this book didn't focus so much on the other friends but mainly Emma and Brant.  Parts of this book were sad but Brant stood strong and was what Emma needed. And Emma's mom is quite hilarious! It's no wonder Emma is the way she is; she came by it honestly! Enjoyable read and can't wait for the next in the series. 

Read No Denying You here

First book in this series Weekends Required

And coming up from Sydney Landon, I will be reading Mended. I've been waiting FOREVER on this story and cannot wait to dive into it! Review coming soon.

Jennifer Probst- Searching For Beautiful

Wow! What an emotional book. Well worth the wait! Another FANTASTIC book from Jennifer Probst. 

I have thoroughly loved this series and I'm pretty sure this book is my favorite! I don't know where to start. This book was amazing from start to finish. There were various conflicts in the story, acceptance, and love.  And like the title states, it's beautiful! 

Gen realized on her wedding day that she couldn't marry her fiancĂ©, David. Her best friend, Wolfe, was there for her and didn't push her to tell him what happened. (I think one of my favorite scenes was at the racetrack!) I loved the ease in their friendship and how easy and fun things were between them. And the passion... Holy hotness. Pretty sure my kindle caught fire there! This book is the complete package! 

First book in series Searching For Someday

Searching For Beautiful here

Don't let this series pass you by!