Thursday, July 30, 2015

Laura Kaye- Hard Ink Wedding! VOTE NOW

One of my go-to authors is having a fun event.... we, the readers, get to vote on the couple she will write a wedding story about!  Have you read her Hard Ink series? 

Hard As It Gets here / Goodreads
Hard As You Can here /  Goodreads
Hard To Hold On To here / Goodreads
Hard To Come By here / Goodreads
Hard To Be Good here / Goodreads
Hard To Let Go here / Goodreads

Who will you choose? Vote here!  

And add the Wedding Novella to your Goodreads shelf here!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lauren Dane- Falling Under

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for an honest review.  And I honestly love Lauren Dane's books! I'm a huge fan of hers and I haven't met a book of hers that I didn't like.  This book was no exception.

I was pulled into this story immediately.  I was aware of who Duke was because he also appears in Opening Up. I was really looking forward to his story.  And Lauren Dane didn't disappoint! Both Duke and Carmella were aware of each other but neither one of them pursued anything.  As Duke got to know her more, he decided to pursue.  Nothing like a hot, alpha male who knows what he wants! 

Carmella has had a tough family life and she doesn't want/believe in love.  Yes, Duke is her hot neighbor but she only wants his body.  Then she finds herself around him more and more and likes who he is, not just on the outside but on the inside as well.  There are some issues that arise and Duke keeps proving himself to her.  Their relationship is oftentimes a challenging one, but nothing good ever comes easy.  Both characters were fun to get to know and they just fit one another! I didn't want this book to be over. 

This was a great story and I just love those Twisted Steel men!  HOT HOT HOT!

Falling Under here
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Duke Bradshaw, co-owner of the Twisted Steel custom motorcycle and hot rod shop, may devote his days to chrome and leather, but his nights belong to Carmella.  His sultry redheaded neighbor has a smile like an angel and a body built for sin, and for the past year both have dominated Duke's dreams.  When a problem at Twisted Steel requires a fast fix, Duke sees his chance to finally make his fantasy a reality.  

Ever since she first heard the low rumble of his engine, Carmella Rossi has wondered if Duke Bradshaw handles his women as expertly as he handles his bike.  When he shows up at her door offering a much-needed job at his shop, she gets her chance to find out. Beneath Duke's masterful touch, Carmella soon submits to a world of unimaginable pleasure.

But history has taught Carmella how bad a bad boy can be.  If she doesn't put on the brakes fast, her hard-bodied heartbreaker could drive her right over the edge.

Exciting author meet and greet: J.R. Ward!

Looking back at my Goodreads account, I realized I read my first J.R. Ward book back in June of 2012.  I've never looked at vampires the same since!!  If anything ever happens to Beth, I'll take Wrath! :)  I didn't dislike vampires, but I wasn't one to search out for them. I started reading Dark Lover based on a friend's Facebook post about a later book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  I didn't really read the book summary, just figured if she liked the book well enough to read books later in the series, I would give it a try.  SOOOOOO glad I did.  I remember thinking to myself, VAMPIRES?! as I soon discovered that was who the characters were.  They're the sexiest vampires I know!  And so much more than that. I can't even describe just how fantastic the BDB is.  You need to read it yourself. And I've pre-ordered Blood Kiss which is coming out in December!!    Anyway, I've also read J.R.'s Fallen Angel series (book 1 here) and I've read her books that she has written under the name Jessica Bird, such as An Unforgettable Lady.   I love her writing style and she does such a great male voice.   She says she can't write female characters well, but I disagree.  I would seriously love to live in her head for a day or two! She's a hoot and a half! Her characters are awesome and (at times) funny.

All that being said, I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful lady! I was beyond excited to see her. (Ask any of my friends!) 

Our public library brought her here and I took advantage! Her talk with the moderator was interesting, funny and enlightening.  The audience was able to do Q & A with her and then it was time for the book signing! Most of the Q&A was about BDB since we haven't read her new series, The Bourbon Kings.  This series just came out on the day of this event (7/28) so of course I pre-ordered the book from Parnassus Books to have for her to sign.  I'm not normally nervous around authors or famous people, but I couldn't contain my excitement/fangirling when I met her!I hope to have the opportunity to see her again, especially after reading The Bourbon Kings. Maybe I'll think of a question re: that book instead of all of us being focused on BDB! (Not that I don't love them, I do!)

Had to capture where this moment happened!

Doing her thing, making us laugh...

Just waiting my turn!

See? Fangirling! Couldn't help it...

Seriously cheesing!

So this has been an exciting week for me! Best. Night. Ever.  I had been looking forward to this event since the moment I learned it was happening.  Now, I just need to make it happen again!  

**And a big thank you to my photographer, Sara, for having my back.  I almost walked away without the last picture because I was so excited to be in front of her and having her sign my book.

Monday, July 27, 2015

J. Kenner- Under My Skin

J. Kenner has done it again. Another fantastic read!! I haven't met a book of hers I haven't liked! She's a favorite go-to author for this girl!

This is the conclusion to Jackson and Sylvia's story in the Stark International Series. I was excited to receive this book as an ARC from NetGalley and could not put it down. There were so many twists and turns and up and downs, this book is an emotional roller coaster, but in the best possible way. There are so many things thrown and Jackson and Sylvia, I wasn't sure what was going to happen next! Part of it I guessed and figured out but other things were a surprise.  This book was a great conclusion to the series. It's highly charged with emotions, steamy, sweet and the total book package! I loved it. Jackson Steele is my current book boyfriend! 

Under My Skin here
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Jackson Steele and Sylvia Brooks are back in the powerful finale of a provocative, sizzling-hot new erotic trilogy set in the world of J. Kenner's beloved Stark novels: Release Me, Claim Me, and Complete Me

He's the only man I've ever loved, and the only man I can't bear to lose.

Jackson Steele is my light in this world. Charismatic, bold, and always in control, he knows what he wants and how to get it- and absolutely nothing stands in his way.  His hold on me is magnetic, his claim on me complete, his kiss my ultimate escape.

We both harbor dark secrets that could tear our lives apart.  Though we've tried to bury our pasts, there are certain people who won't let us forget. But the closer danger comes, the brighter the fire between us burns- our ecstasy consuming and soothing us both.

There's no telling what lies ahead, but I know that Jackson never gives in without a fight.  I'd do anything he wants to keep him safe, give him anything he needs. And now that we're in deep, nothing can make me run.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

M. S. Parker and Cassie Wild- Pure Lust Vol 4

Final installment to the series has been unleashed!  Since I've read the other volumes, I couldn't wait to dive into this one.  I hope we see more from this writing duo! 

This picked up right where Vol 3 left off and we find out what happened to Edward. And oh my goodness. THIS BOOK!!! Emotional roller coaster. I could feel Gabriella's angst through the pages. My heart hurt for her. This was THE BEST BOOK YET!

There was so much happening in this book and some of it I saw coming, others I did not. I couldn't stop reading it, I had to find out what happened. The FEELS in this book *swoon* and the emotions *be still my beating heart* This book ended the way it was meant to and I couldn't have asked for a better ride and ending.  Bravo M. S. Parker and Cassie Wild. Round of applause to you ladies for such a magnificent, angst filled, twisting, love story. 

Do yourself a favor and start reading vol 1 IMMEDIATELY so you can get to the best book of the series! 

Pure Lust Vol 4 here
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Twenty-two year-old Gabriella Baine is just about to get her happily ever after with her very own rich and handsome Prince Charming, Edward Bouvier, despite his mother's attempts to tear them apart.  Now, with the news that Edward's life is in danger, Gabriella knows that she could lose everything.

Will this be the end, or only the beginning?

Don't miss the final installment of the heart-wrenching and steamy Pure Lust series by M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Christina Lauren- Beautiful Secret (Beautiful series #4)

A new cast of characters! We met Niall in Beautiful Beloved, now we get his story. And boy, is it good!!

The feels in this book. I need a moment! Holy heartstrings, Batman! Christina Lauren completely gutted me in this book. I do believe this is the best book to date in the Beautiful series. Niall is coming from a dark place and trying to figure out how life goes on. Then he meets Ruby and she completely overhauls his life. Not in a bad way, but now he has to see life differently and it's at times, a hard adjustment for him. I loved Ruby's awkwardness, her realness with Niall and life and I loved watching him come out of his shell. This story was completely captivating and I didn't want it to end. I enjoyed glimpses into Max/Sara, Bennett/Chloe, and Will/Hanna's lives. I never want this series to end. And I learned recently the next book will be out in Feb 2016! Seriously can't get enough of these books. 

Beautiful Secret here

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Molly McAdams- Trusting Liam

So it's been a hot minute since I last read one of Molly's books. And the first book I ever read of hers was also the first in this series (which I read back in Dec 2014). I just looked back at my original review of Taking Chances and I liked it but apparently didn't love it.  However, Trusting Liam, I loved and couldn't put down!  

The beginning of this book has a note for the readers that Trusting Liam will make more sense if you've read Taking Chances and Stealing Harper and Forgiving Lies and Deceiving Lies.  Of those books mentioned, I had only read Taking Chances.  I felt that I didn't miss out on anything as things were well discussed in this book and I never felt lost or like I missed something.  Now that I've read this book however, I will be going back and reading the other three books mentioned!

When I like a book, a clear sign that it's hooked me is that I can't put it down.  That's exactly what happened with Trusting Liam for me.  I read this book in a matter of 3.5 hours.  I started it with my morning coffee, skipped breakfast because that would take me away from the book and finished in time to grab some lunch.  The way this book started had me intrigued from the prologue.  The reasons behind Kennedy and Kira's move was interesting, their lives in California were not what they expected and I enjoyed what was happening between Kennedy and Liam.  Neither of them expected the other person and it was fun to watch the 2 of them.  There were some twists and surprises along the way and it was an engrossing and enjoyable read (obviously)! I'm looking forward to reading the books in between Taking Chances and Trusting Liam.

And Molly's cover model?  It's this guy right here: Charlie Keller  Check him out and give him a Like!

Trusting Liam here

Saturday, July 18, 2015

AJ Harmon- Chicago: a shot to the heart changes everything

This is another new to me author and I was excited to receive an ARC from her.  This story was captivating, interesting and took me no time at all to read.  I read this in one sitting- I couldn't put it down.  To me, that's proof of a good book and a good writer! 

I wasn't sure where this story was going at first, but I enjoyed the characters.  Alex and Charlie, brother and sister from a well-to-do family in Charleston, Mia and Smith, Police Officers in Chicago.  This story is sweet, sad and felt quite realistic.  It was easy to get lost in their world and what was happening to them.  I enjoyed the closeness of Alex's family and the way he fell for Mia.  They weren't looking for each other when life brought them together.  She tried to fight it but found that life had changed when Alex appeared in her life. I will definitely be reading more from this author! 

Chicago here


Friday, July 17, 2015

M.S. Parker & Cassie Wild- Pure Lust Vol 3

The latest installment released early!   I've looked forward to these installments releasing. I'm totally invested in the lives of Gabriella and the Bouvier boys!  Part of me is totally frustrated with Gab, but I get why she's being the way she is, right or wrong, the reader can see where she's coming from.  And I love the snarkiness that is unleashed from her in this book.  I was cheering her on, in fact! 

I love her relationship with Cody. I think he's a great friend for her and amidst all that is going on, glad she has him to lean on. Her world is swirling around her threatening to crumble at any moment and she's on edge.  As a reader, I'm on edge with her as well! AND HOLY CLIFFHANGER, BATMAN..... the way this one ends.  KILLING ME! I hate having to wait a week to see how this all turns out.  And I am curious to know how this story will end. I know what I would like to see happen but we'll see what M.S. and Cassie have come up with for this wild ride.  

Biting nails and anxiously awaiting Vol 4!

Pure Lust Vol 3  here

Thursday, July 16, 2015

TBR article I found

I discovered a new website and this article struck my fancy.  I've heard of some of these books, others I have not, but I thought this was an interesting list.

7 Male Writers Who Can Actually Write Female Characters

So I now have some extra, unexpected books to add to my TBR list.  And I do have The Fault in Our Stars sitting on my shelf, borrowed from a friend, waiting on me to get my hands on it.  As soon as I finish the stack of library books I'm reading (since there is a deadline to returning those) I will be hitting that book and a few others I've borrowed, up. It's kind of scary how many books lay in wait for me. If I never added another book to my TBR, I bet it would take a year to go through all that are on my various lists and/or shelves.  EEEK.  At least I know I won't run out of books to read! That's a plus!


Christina Lauren- Beautiful Beloved (Beautiful series #3.6)

Ah yes!! Back to Max and Sara and their wee little one :)  I just love Max and Sara.  Now they're juggling getting back to normal life with an infant.  They are trying to get back to being with each other, not just being mom and dad.  And their first night out is hilarious.  Poor things. Anything that can go wrong, does.  

This story is sweet, funny, romantic (Max Stella *swoon!*) and everything great about Max and Sara.  It was an easy, quick story to read and I didn't want it to be over.  I really enjoy getting further snippets of their lives! And it was interesting getting to meet Max's brother, Niall.  I can't wait to read his story. 

Beautiful Beloved here

Monday, July 13, 2015

Christina Lauren- Beautiful Beginning (Beautiful series #3.5)

I can't get enough of Chloe and Bennett. For reals! She's always pushing his buttons and his love for her is palpable (and her love for him). This time, they're getting ready for their wedding. (Finally! Yay!) And Bennett's panty ripping always cracks me up while at the same time it's totally hot. The things Chloe does to get under his skin to get what she wants....

This book is hilarious, sweet and perfect for Chloe and Bennett! And the ending is magnificent! I really enjoyed this book.  It was a quick read yet I didn't want to put it down even though that meant the book would be over sooner than later! 

Beautiful Beginning here

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Meredith Wild- Hardwired

I keep seeing this book on facebook or around from different blog postings, so figured I'd check it out for myself! So glad I did!

The banter between Blake and Erica was entertaining and definitely served as foreplay for them! Erica is a strong character who knows what she wants and doesn't want but has had a tough hand in life dealt to her. From Erica's perspective, Blake wants to control her both in and out of the bedroom.   I liked how Blake knew Erica's strengths and how he fought for her (in different ways). Even though there are things about him we (the reader and Erica) don't know about him, what is clear is his love for her. It's sweet. 

Then there's the COMPLETELY SHOCKING revelation in Erica's world that had me gasping out loud for her. Oh. My. Goodness. I can't imagine how much her world tipped on its side. This book is quite an emotional ride that I couldn't put down. Granted I'm a crazy fast reader and it only took a couple hours, but I read this book in 1 sitting. It's THAT good. I am looking forward to the next book as this book stops on a cliffhanger. I need to know more!!!!!

Hardwired here

Kendall Ryan- Filthy Beautiful Forever

Last one in the series! This time it's about Collins, Pace and Colton's brother. I was looking forward to getting his story. 

Collins is surprised from his childhood friend, Mia, when she shows up in his life. Mia has always been a romantic and shows up in his life on a whim. This book was spectacular. The things Collins does for Mia are sweet, amazing and oh so romantic. The letter he gives her on the beach.... Oh my *swoon* Their story is interesting and I didn't want to put the book down. The epilogue was sweet and a good way to finish out this series. Very enjoyable. 

Filthy Beautiful Forever here

Saturday, July 11, 2015

M.S. Parker & Cassie Wild- Pure Lust Vol 2

Volume 2 has been unleashed! :)  Let's see how life goes for Gabriella and Flynn...

Whew wee! This volume gets the reader good and settled in for the ride to come. We get to know Edward's brother Cody (LOVE HIM) and I'm pretty sure Flynn is biding his time and gonna appear/do something when Gabriella least expects it. And I'm sure it'll pack quite the punch. I'm not sure if I want her to stay with Edward or find her true self with Flynn! Her soon to be M-I-L is quite the frosty bitch. I like Edward but pretty sure his brother nailed the head on that one with his description of how he treats Gabriella. Not a bad thing, but definitely spot on. I'm curious to know how the secrets she suddenly has will affect her in the future. 

I'm good and invested now and I'm awaiting Vol 3! 

Pure Lust Vol 2 here

Friday, July 10, 2015

J. Daniels- Where I Belong (audiobook)

So I originally read this book back in September 2014 when it first came out. I recently acquired the audiobooks from a contest (yay!) so in between reading my other books I listened to this book. First of all, listening to the guy that reads Ben's voice... Raaar! He has a great voice. And I love when they read with a southern drawl. Yes, I live in the south but not everyone has a drawl. Lol.  I had forgotten little things about this book so it was fun to go back to Mia and Ben's story. Nothing changed; STILL LOVED IT! Ben Kelly makes me swoon. *Alabama BBF* I enjoyed how the man and woman reading this took turns reading Ben/Mia. It was easy to follow and I really enjoyed hearing their various texts conversations. I love how realistic J's characters are and whew boy are they hot!! And Sir Nolan is oh so precious and I just want to squeeze him! 

If you've never listened to an audiobook, I highly recommend listening to this one! As much as I enjoy Ben and Mia's sexy times, I wonder what the readers think about reading such explicit words aloud. It makes me chuckle. (lol. Random thought) However, their voices work very well for this story and aren't distracting like some I've heard. 

Oh and????? Ben and Mia got a new cover. Isn't it hot?!?!! 

Original cover:

Find Where I Belong on Amazon here
Audiobook right here

Thursday, July 9, 2015

M.S. Parker & Cassie Wild- Pure Lust Vol 1

M.S. Parker and Cassie Wild have done it again.  Another book collaboration! I enjoyed their work last time so I'm pretty sure I'll like this one as well. The premise is intriguing.  And as you can probably guess from the title alone, this will be a hot and steamy read!

This book took me a little longer to get hooked into it but the more I read, the more I enjoyed it.  The romance is very fast, and even Gabriella's friend Kendra began questioning everything in the beginning.  Gabriella knew it was fast, but when she was with Edward, things felt right.  He's sweet, good to her and seems to truly love her.  Then the bomb drops and Vol 1 ends! As we crept closer to the end of this volume, I knew something like what happened was about to happen.  GEEZ! Of course I will be reading the next volume(s)! 

Pure Lust here

(I like this guy's abs! lol)

Jennifer Probst- Searching for Always

With Searching for Beautiful having released recently, I'm ready for this book! I adore Jennifer's writing style and know that no matter what she writes, I'll like it!

Oh my heavens... THE FEELS in this book!  (are like this!)... I need a minute.

"Jeans cupped his powerful thighs and rear, and the washed-out cotton of his hunter-green jersey clung to those meaty biceps and pecs. He glared with hot, dark eyes, devouring her with his gaze."  Yes, please!!  Move over Arilyn, my new book boyfriend is Officer Stone Petty!  Holy smokes, this man is HOTT!! 

Every element needed for a great HEA story is here. (No surprise from this Jennifer Probst fan!) It's a story that pulls you in and won't let you go til it's done.  I love the girlfriends angle, their hot men, their animals and the women's strength. Arilyn has had a rough 5 years with her ex and she's not looking for a new beau. Stone Petty is one of her students in her anger management class and she can't help, but to notice him. He makes her blood boil but he has this pull on her and Stone wants nothing to do with the hot hippie.  Oh how the chemistry crackles on the pages  *fans self*  Do yourself a favor and read this book! I didn't want it to end and yet I couldn't put it down.  Another great book from Jennifer Probst and I think I need to borrow her book of love spells!   Book of spells here!

Searching for Always here

Monday, July 6, 2015

Christina Lauren- Beautiful Player (Beautiful series #3)

Look! It's another beautiful book!  I can't get enough of this series and these writers. Love getting lost in their stories!

Oh Will! ... Max and Bennett have been waiting for the day Will falls for a woman.  And they do love rubbing it in his face a bit. Ha! 
Jensen's baby sister needs to go out more so he calls up his friend Will to arrange this. Jensen makes Hanna promise to call Will and do something other than work. He thinks she needs to get out more.  And oh how the sparks fly between these two! They have a sorta history, as he's been friends with her big brother for years.  Lines get blurred as they see each other again and at this stage in life.  The story is hot, sweet and definitely entertaining! Enjoyable read that sucks you into Will and Hanna's world. 

Beautiful Player here

Thursday, July 2, 2015

My random thoughts on my new Julep Maven box!

Ok, so I have received my first Maven box from Julep!  This box can be customized to your needs/wants and I love that about it this particular box. 

I have a full sized (10 oz) bottle of body oil, Vanish- cuticle softener and remover and nail polish color, Lainey.  I originally was assigned 2 other colors to go along with the body oil, but decided I liked the items I got, better!  The body oil smells like orange and I'm excited to try it out.  Since I do my own nails, I'm excited to see how the cuticle treatment is.  Oh! And?  See that pink bag?

Yeah, I got a free gift since this was my first Maven box! I received an email from them and had to click the link in order to receive it but I knew I was going to get 1 of 3 colors, just wasn't sure which one was coming my way.  I like BONUSES! :)  And, as with my other box, I received a coupon.  This one was for $15 off next $30+ order.  So far I'm liking them and looking forward to next month's reveal to see if I will get my box or hold out for the following month.  If you like nails and/or beauty I recommend this box!  And they have other things you can add on to your boxes as well.  So on top of the monthly fee, you can always add addition colors or beauty supplies to your boxes.  I chose to stick with just my selected options but it's nice knowing if I can't choose between colors or a certain item, I can just add it in too.  And the amount is listed so you know what the additional item will cost you.  You can keep it simple or you can let things add up, but there are definitely options with this box!  

Try it out for yourself    Julep Maven invite here!

Come back and comment if you try it out and let me know what you think about it!