Monday, January 2, 2017

Personal Recap from 2016

Hi there!

So in between reading for the blog, I had some time to read/listen to other books for myself. I haven't reviewed them here yet because it was a nice change to just read for the fun of it and not worry about blog deadlines. Not that I don't enjoy that, because I do, but it was nice to just get lost in the stories! So I thought I'd give you a quick recap of some books I've read lately.  And I've been able to add my own things in because mainly I've listened to them on Audible.  I LOOOOOOOOVE this option! And I love that the audio book is usually cheaper when you've also bought the kindle book.   Haven't listened yet? You can start a free trial of Audible, just log in using your Amazon account!   And let me state for the record, Sebastian York's voice will give you an eargasm!!  I could listen to him read me the phone book... do you remember what those are?! haha  I've linked you to the page on Audible where you can hear all he's narrated.  You're welcome! 

Marriage Games - CD Reiss
This book was KILLER! And oh the cliffhanger! I LOVED getting Adam and Diana's story. I enjoyed how the book offers both of their perspectives. Adam has hidden a piece of himself from his wife, but he unlocks something in her she didn't know existed. I was completely captivated by their journey and can't wait for Separation Games to come out! (Ok, spoiler here; I got an ARC of Separation Games and OH MY HEAVENS!! You do NOT need to miss these books!)

The Bourbon Kings and The Angels' Share - J.R. Ward
Wowwwwwww! This series! First off, I LOVED the narrator's voice(s) reading this book. He did a spectacular job! These books read like a soap opera. And once you start reading, be prepared to not want to put the book down. The first book, The Bourbon Kings, sets up the series nicely. The reader learns the cast of characters as it dives deeper into the twists and turns of J. R. Ward's world. I felt myself outraged at some of the characters, loved others and some things I couldn't believe! I was thankful The Angels' Share was available to start immediately after finishing the first book. It continued with the story exactly where Bourbon Kings left off.  The reader continues the journey of the Bourbon dynasty family and learns the twists and turns the choices of their lives have brought to them. SOOOO GOOD! But now? I have to wait until August (!!!!!) for Devil's Cut. Gah! But I know it will be worth the wait. 

Blurred Lines - Lauren Layne 
I love a good, friends to lover story and this one has it covered! Parker and Ben have been through a lot together, as friends.  But the last breakup she had caused her to reevaluate things.  All of a sudden Ben suggests they could have more.  But neither want to give up their friendship.  This book had ALL THE FEELS.  I loved it!! This story was so easy to get lost in, and it's sweet, sexy and oh-so-delicious! 

Good Girl - Lauren Layne
First off, I loved that this book had a character from Nashville, Tennessee: Music City USA, aka my home! Jenny is a country music star who has had something happen to her to cause public scrutiny.  She just wants to lie low and let it all die down. So, she goes to a place from her childhood that has good memories and allows her to work on her next album. That is, until she meets Noah.  A man is the last thing Jenny needs and she does her best to ignore him and the feelings he causes. (But, you know how well that goes, right?!)  I love the realness to her characters and Lauren's books immediately draw me into them.  Not gonna lie, I haven't met a LL book that I haven't loved!  And you don't have to read Blurred Lines before reading this one but I do recommend both books!

The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena
Oooh, this book! It's a doozy. This couple goes to a dinner party next door and leaves their baby at their house with plans to check on her every hour.  Because that's a good idea, right!? I'm not one to try to guess what's happening, but some of this book was easy to figure out while other things, not so much.  I just kept waiting for the next thing to be discovered/talked about and find out why things had happened.  It had all sorts of twists and turns and I couldn't stop listening. This was an entertaining read and I enjoyed stepping out of the romance box for a bit to listen to this audiobook!

Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris
What a crazy book! OH MY GOSH! I kept texting a few friends as I was gasping when I heard what was next! I felt anger, shock and vengeance and victory as I was listening to this one. It just goes to show, you never know what's happening with a couple behind closed doors.  Hang on, because this one is quite the ride! 

The Matchmaker's Playbook and The Matchmaker's Replacement - Rachel Van Dyken
Enter Ian and Lex, the founders of Wingmen, Inc.  So earlier this year, Rachel and Amazon created this thing called, Kindle in Motion.  IT'S SO COOL!!!!  I hadn't read these books before but it definitely bumped them up the list with this creation.  Basically, Amazon worked with Rachel to make these books come to life with "mini" videos.  As the reader reads these books, some pages have (Surprise!) videos showing whatever you just read happen.  Or, the page may just show a graphic of some sort.  I really enjoyed reading these books this way. It was a neat, new way to bring a book to life. I hope more authors get a chance to do this to their books! (There are a few out there - Kindle in Motion books)

The Exposure and The Claiming - Tara Sue Me
I love Tara Sue Me's books.  And I hope to meet her at an event I'm going to in the spring! I love her Submissive series which  started out with Nathaniel and Abby.  Since the earlier books, the series now focuses on other people in their world with little glimpses into Nathaniel and Abby's lives.  I have really enjoyed this series and these latest two books were no exception. Meagan and Luke were HOT HOT HOT and I couldn't devour the book fast enough. We had gotten a glimpse of Meagan in an earlier book (Nathaniel didn't like her after an incident with Abby) but her story was quite the ride! And  I was a little sad The Claiming was just a novella as I would have liked more from Sasha and Cole! I HIGHLY recommend this series and you MUST start at the beginning with The Submissive.

So this collection listed, was a mix of Audible books and me actually reading books. I enjoy the variety and the fact that I can listen to Audible while doing a variety of things like, cooking dinner or driving to/from work is a bonus! I get things done and don't have to stop reading to do them.  I highly recommend Audible so if you haven't had a chance to try it out, what are you waiting for? It might be your new favorite thing, too. 

Happy reading and here's to you finding your next favorite book for 2017! Cheers!

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