Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Melissa Klein - Out of Sight release blitz

When tragedy upends her life, Mia Jones must fight to regain her lost memories and win the man she loves.

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After a brutal attack leaves Mia Jones with a traumatic brain injury, she learns the key to discovering her attacker’s identity lies within her damaged brain. As she battles to recover from her injuries, she finds it’s not her fiancĂ© by her side but her foster brother, Hank. 
When navy pilot, Hank Taggart ditches his plane in the sea, he thinks the worst has happened—until he returns home to learn Mia, the closest thing he’s ever had to family, is in ICU. While struggling to accept the end of a career that defines him and battling his own medical diagnosis, he must also suppress his newfound feelings for Mia. 
With Hank rejecting her love at every turn and the bad guys upping the stakes, Mia wonders, which fate is worse: falling into the hands of her enemy or losing the man she loves.


“What about your long-term prognosis?” 
Mia shrugged. “Doctors are being optimistic. So. I. Don’t. Give. Up.” He couldn’t image her doing that. “You’ve been through so much, angel. It just isn’t fair.” She barked a laugh. “Haven’t. You. Heard? Life. Not. Fair.”“But you’ve had more than your share of trouble.”“Everything happens—for a reason.” She let out a breath. “Mrs. Brooks says. ‘God doesn’t. Give. More. Than. We. Can. Bear.’”“Then God must think you’re a badass.” Mia smacked him on the leg. “You’re. Naughty.” “No,” he said, teasing back. “I’m just telling it like I see it. You’ve been through a hellova lot and you deserve a break.” “We both do,” she said, her smile fading. “Both. Of. Us.Have.” Her brow furrowed. “Why. You. Should. Date. Be happy.”She’d found her Prince Charming in Charles Brooks III. As much as he loathed the too-slick, Gone With the Wind throwback, he wouldn’t stand in her way if Tripp made her happy.A few droplets of rain pelted them. “I guess we better head back inside.” “Maybe it won’t get worse.”  “Better not chance it.” He scooped her into his arms. “Sugar melts.” Holding Mia in his arms felt more right than anything in a long while, which was why he needed to get himself gone. She belonged to another man. Hank let himself breathe in her scent and absorb the way her breath tickled his neck for the time it took to return her to her room. 
Author bio: 

Melissa Klein 
writes contemporary romance about everyday heroes fighting extraordinary battles. Whether facing the demands of caring for a child with special needs or the struggles of a soldier returning home, her characters take on the challenges life throws at them with perseverance, courage, and humor. Melissa won Georgia Romance Writers Unpublished Maggie award in 2013 and Rose City Romance Writers Golden Rose award in 2012. She lives in Atlanta with her family and can be found at  

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