Monday, June 11, 2018

KG Fletcher - Georgia On My Mind review

Another enjoyable read from KG Fletcher! I was lost in Hart and Gia's story and I didn't want it to end. I loved the way Hart wanted to take care of Gia. He supported her and loved her in the most raw and honest way he'd found himself in, in awhile. While Gia was still dealing with her past, Hart was the one who was there for her. Even though it was hard for him, I liked seeing him trust Gia and tell her about his past. While their pasts weren't easy to overcome, their relationship was real and gritty. I enjoyed the twists and turns this story unveiled and these characters were real, honest, and heartbreakingly sad at times.  Both had demons in their past, but some affected them more than others and threatened their future. KG Fletcher did a great job of captivating the reader and drawing them into Gia's and Hart's world. I didn't want to leave them.  As Hart is Katie's brother, I also enjoyed getting a glimpse into Katie's and Clay's lives!  Do yourself a favor and grab your copy now!

First rule in business - never let them see you with your pants down.

Hartford Parker is a disgraced real estate broker hiding out in his sister’s condo in suburban Atlanta. Swearing off women after an embarrassing indiscretion at a black-tie event, Hart now indulges in drinking and working out as he tries to come to terms with his unexpected firing at a prestigious DC firm.

Across town in a run-down and forgotten part of the city, Gia Bates is struggling to make ends meet at her failing dance studio. Secretly working part-time as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator for a seedy entertainment company has Gia feeling trapped in her debt while slowly chipping away at her passion and solace in dance.

The handsome playboy and the dancer with legs-for-days find themselves at the same party and end up on an uncertain path full of sex, secrets, and shame. As they move forward in a spicy tango, can the two of them ever dance in sync? Will they fight for their own happily ever after or will Hart be left with nothing more than Georgia on his mind?

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