Tuesday, June 12, 2018

J. Kenner - In Too Deep review

Ooh, Hannah and Matthew! What a story. These two held me captivated and gave me All. The. Feels. I was quickly sucked into their journey and I was rooting for them. Their story was hot and sweet!! I love a good relationship out of convenience story.  And this one was delicious! They had both noticed the other, but had never tried to pursue anything.  However, Matthew's sister had other ideas. She was the mutual connection to get the ball rolling.  They found they enjoyed spending time with each other and I adored watching their relationship evolve. This story was so good! I loved this addition to the man of the month series.

Hannah Donovan is not my type.

Intellectual and career-focused, she’s a lawyer, and an intimidatingly beautiful one, at that. I’d rather pump iron than open a book, and the only reason I’d go to court would be for a traffic ticket.

She’s the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. So how can I turn down her plea that I pretend to be her fiancĂ© for one weekend?

But I never expected our pretend kisses to feel so real … or for it to lead to a wild night in bed that will forever stand out as the highlight of my sex life. 

Our performance convinces everyone, but it was never meant to be more than a fantasy. A short term gig before reality sets back in. 

I can’t imagine ever being good enough for her, but I’m hooked. And now I’m determined to do whatever it takes to make this fake engagement real.

Each novel in the series is a STANDALONE romance with a guaranteed HEA!

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