Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Carly Phillips - Fearless review

I normally love Carly Phillips writing, but I'm not sure why exactly, but I didn't love this book. I actually had a hard time getting through it.  I think it was partially because I never connected to these characters.  The plot was interesting and the story was fine, but there was a disconnect for me.  That being said, you might find it to be your favorite read! I did enjoy how Kane wanted to get to know Halley and wasn't the type of guy who only wanted sex.  He wanted to get to know who she was and wanted her to trust him.  Halley hasn't had an easy life and she definitely doesn't trust anyone but her family. As she gets to know him, she finds she wants more from him that she hasn't wanted from anyone else.  Their story was sweet and I do want to read the next book in the series.

**ARC provided for my honest review**

Fall in love with the Wards…

Mechanic and garage owner, Kane Harmon is used to the wealthy beautiful women visiting his beach town. He doesn't get involved because he knows most females would merely be slumming for the summer.

Except Halley Ward isn't just passing through. She lives a solitary life in a bungalow on the beach. A woman tormented by her past, distant from her wealthy family, different from Kane's usual fare of town girls who know his M.O.- Don't expect more than he's willing to give.

Kane rescues Halley and her broken down car from the side of the road and instantly he's hooked. She says she's not interested in him. He knows she lies. And he makes it his mission to bring her back to life, to return her emotionally to her family. To show her the colors around her were as vibrant as the ones she puts on her canvas.

Until past meets present and threatens all the progress they've made. Then it's Halley's turn to step up and stand up for the relationship and life she's finally coming to believe she deserves.

A Standalone Novel

Rosewood Bay Series
Book 1: Fearless (B0765CS6HR)
Book 2: Breathe (B079TDH2P8)

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