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M. O'Keefe - Where I Belong review

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"Totally one-clickable!" — J. Kenner NYT and Internationally Best Selling Author

"Angsty and beyond beautifully written, Molly O'Keefe has created Tommy, a hero unlike any other I've read. He's perfect. He's heartbreaking. He's
in my heart forever." - Ilsa Madden-Mills, WSJ Bestselling Author



This book picked up where Lost Without You left off. We actually get to see some of the end of that book from Tommy's eyes. I was on pins and needles, holding my breath while reading this book! I devoured it and didn't want it to be over.  Things aren't looking so great for Tommy and Beth. And there are still secrets between them that can change the game.  OH MY! And even though we didn't see her as much as the first book, Pest is still my favorite little pup! 
I loved the push/pull between Tommy and Beth and even when they were unsure of the way they were feeling they couldn't deny it.  Their chemistry was SUPER HOT! They were learning things about themselves. Tommy had always closed himself off to others, but he couldn't be like that with Beth. She was different and she meant something to him.  Beth had been hiding for years and Tommy helped her let go.  Their journey was sad, bittersweet and oh-so-sweet! Molly writes angst and deep emotions so well and this is a book that will stay with the reader long after The End. And speaking of ending, this one is a doozy! haha  I HIGHLY recommend this read and you must read Lost Without You before reading Where I Belong!


“What do you want, Tommy?” she breathed. So close. So beautiful. With her free hand she took off her glasses and tossed them on the ground. Her eyes, lined in black liner raked over me. And mine raked over her. “You,” I said, so raw I was practically inside out. “Just once.” She laughed low in her throat. “You have a few questions you want answered, do you?” she asked. “Don’t you?” “God yes.” She stepped forward until she was nearly touching me. It took my inhale for my chest to brush hers. I exhaled and our bodies retreated. She inhaled and we touched. Exhaled and retreated. We each did it again. And then again. Breathing each other in, in turns. Finally it wasn’t enough and I stepped toward her, and my cock pressed against her stomach and she pushed against me. Her breasts and belly imprinted on my skin. “One time,” she said. “One time and we go back to our lives and get on with things. I’m going to forget you, Tommy. And you’re going to forget me.” I doubted it, but I wasn’t going to argue. Not with my dick pushed up against the tight muscles of her stomach. Not with her breath, sweet from the pop and the candy she’d eaten, making me crazy. “I’m serious, Tommy,” she said as if she could read my mind. “I don’t want to be hurt anymore, and I really, really don’t want to hurt you anymore. Promise you’ll forget me.” “I promise,” I said, because when threatened with the idea of hurting her, I’d agree to anything to stop that. “I’ll forget you, right after I fuck you.”

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LOVE AND SECOND CHANCES ARE NEVER FREE For the five kids who live at St. Jude’s Home for Court Placed Juveniles, life is a nightmare. Carissa, the youngest, has been there the longest. And barely speaks. Rosa is sixteen and pregnant. Simon keeps his head down and studies, hoping to get back the life he lost. Beth and Tommy, in the middle of the darkness, have found each other, and all they want is to be together. But when they get caught making out at school, it puts everyone in danger. Tommy is used to the beatings from their foster father, but when Beth is singled out for punishment, Tommy can’t sit back and let it happen. AND ALL DEBTS MUST BE PAID What happens that night rips apart the lives of the five teenagers forever. After the blood has been spilled, a bargain is made. A deal with the devil that should have solved things. It should have fixed everything. But nothing is free - not love, not innocence, and certainly not freedom. And sooner or later, all debts must be paid...


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Molly O'Keefe is an award-winning author of over 30 romance novels. She lives in Toronto, Canada with her family and the largest heap of dirty laundry in North America. Sign up for her newsletter to get release day news, exclusive excerpts, sale announcements and in-depth author interviews!

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