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Laura Heffernan - America's Next Reality Star review, excerpt and giveaway

In AMERICA’S NEXT REALITY STAR, Jen is cast on a reality show after she loses her job, her boyfriend, and her home. She hopes to win the cash prize but finds she also wants to win the heart of fellow contestant Justin. Fans of Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic won't want to miss this charming, witty read published by Kensington’s Lyrical Shine.

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Publisher: Lyrical Shine - Kensington
Series: Reality Star #1
Release Date: March 7, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9781516101542

Twenty-four-year-old Jen Reid had her life in good shape: an okay job, a tiny-cute Seattle apartment, and a great boyfriend almost ready to get serious. In a flash it all came apart. Single, unemployed, and holding an eviction notice, who has time to remember trying out for a reality show? Then the call comes, and Jen sees her chance to start over—by spending her summer on national TV.

Luckily The Fishbowl is all about puzzles and games, the kind of thing Jen would love even if she wasn’t desperate. The cast checks all the boxes: cheerful, quirky Birdie speaks in hashtags; vicious Ariana knows just how to pout for the cameras; and corn-fed “J-dawg” plays the cartoon villain of the house. Then there’s Justin, the green-eyed law student who always seems a breath away from kissing her. Is their attraction real, or a trick to get him closer to the $250,000 grand prize? Romance or showmance, suddenly Jen has a lot more to lose than a summer . . .

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My Review:

So, this was my first Laura Heffernan book but it also appears to be her first full novel. And let me tell you, that kind of blows me away, simply because I had no idea she hadn't published a book before. Her writing was smooth, flowed well and the story line definitely kept me captivated by Jen's life. This is an author to keep your eyes on, folks! 
If you've ever watched a reality show, you know what a train wreck it can be.  But be honest, it's definitely a guilty pleasure.  Well, then dive into The Fishbowl.  This name cracks me up, but the reason why is even funnier! And I work in a glass office so I TOTALLY understand. I enjoyed getting to see the interview process through Jen's eyes.  Her life isn't completely terrible, but the reader definitely watches as things change for her and The Fishbowl couldn't come at a better time.  We see her slyly meet her possible competition and the secretive things the reality show does to their potential contestants.  I literally could not put this book down and I DEVOURED it.  The way Laura sets everything up, the conversations and the competitions was all fascinating.  She writes in such a way that I could see it all playing out. I was sucked into this reality show and truly wish it was the real deal! I'd watch it! The cast of characters was interesting and felt realistic. And a show like this would love DRAMA! It's there, too.  But unexpectedly for Jen, so is Justin. I loved getting the little glimpses into their encounters and their thoughts of dating on national television.  It's sweet, fun and like Ed and Birdie, I was definitely rooting for them.  This story takes you on a once in a lifetime journey of reality tv, competition, friendship and love that you won't be able to put down. I HIGHLY recommend this book and look forward to Sweet Reality! 


He touched my chin with two fingers, bringing my gaze up to meet his. Damn those green eyes. I searched them for answers, wishing I knew whether he was putting on an act for the audience. Even with the lights off, the cameras stationed in the yard would capture us. The producers filmed everything, day and night. Everyone in America would know if we kissed. For a moment, I struggled to remember why that was bad.

“I guess it’s not your fault, since I got the question right,” I said begrudgingly, shifting slightly backward.

“If that is the best I can get, I’ll take it. But I’m going to work on complete forgiveness. I’ll pay you double interest on our bet—six cents.”

“Well, then,” I laughed. “Maybe I’ll have to reconsider once I get my money. I’d hate to have to send Birdie to break your kneecaps.”

The image of five-foot-tall Birdie coming after Justin with a baseball bat cracked him up. I laughed, too, crossing my legs and settling more comfortably in the lounger. My knee practically touched Justin’s leg. He didn’t move.

We sat quietly for a few minutes. I wondered if he heard my heart pounding. Even not wanting to get caught kissing on national television with a near-stranger, I found something

about Justin irresistible. Possibly his smile. Or his dimples. His brains. The ease of talking to him. His personality. The fact that he was practically perfect for me in every way.

That line of thinking wasn’t helping. I needed to change the subject before I started calling him Mary Poppins.

“It’s a beautiful night.” I gestured at the sky.

“Yes, it is,” Justin said, his eyes never leaving my face. Did he lean forward slightly? Only inches separated our lips.

The warmth definitely wasn’t the beer. I licked my lips nervously and leaned in, closing the gap. If he moved the tiniest bit…


Copyright © 2017 by Laura Heffernan

About Laura Heffernan:

Laura Heffernan is living proof that watching too much TV can pay off. When not watching total strangers participate in arranged marriages, drag racing queens, or cooking competitions, Laura enjoys travel, baking, board games, helping with writing contests, and seeking new experiences. She lives in the Northeast with her amazing husband and two furry little beasts.

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